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This strategy is all about generating monthly cashflow and scaling up a portfolio.

Discover how to generate £700+ per month from each R2R property. 

Rent to Rent is a common strategy that allows you to approach existing landlords and vendors and offer to rent their property from them and guarantee that rent for a number of years.

The contract you use allows you to to then rent out that property to individuals by the room creating what is known as a HMO property. (house of multiple occupancy)

This dramatically increases the cashflow and you benefit.

You agree a rental amount you pay to the landlord and then you take any profit over that amount and on average you would be looking at £700 per month. 

Do the maths £700 per month for 5 years is £42,000 (most R2R agreements are over 5 years).


So you can generate thousands in income from property you don't own but YOU control.


The key is you need to be aware that some people will have mortgage restrictions and leasehold properties can sometimes be a none starter. 


But we cover it all in our Rent to Rent course! 

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Start Your Journey Today...

Get lifetime access to our full step by step course now and...

We will give you as a bonus all the contracts you need and free course content updates forever - so your course stays bang up to date for years to come!

What Does Our Training Give You:

  • Step by step course with all the knowledge you need on R2R

  • Rent to Rent contract 'Guaranteed Rent Agreement'

  • How to find potential R2R properties

  • How to crunch those numbers and analyse potentials

  • Discover how to pitch your R2R offering to the landlord

  • What you need to do in an easy check list / process

  • How to maximise returns when setting your R2R HMO

  • Lifetime access to course and free updates forever!

£700 Per month - per property
Over 5 years = £42,000 

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