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How I Made £17,000 From One Property I Did'nt Own and...
Then Built The UK's Biggest Property Sourcing Network 


Paul Rose, 

Host of the Property Side Hustle Podcast
Founder of PSN Property Education
Co-Founder of The UK's Biggest Property Sourcing Network
Co-Founder of P2P Property Investment Platform
Ex Agent, Property Investor, Developer, Start-up Consultant

It sound's ridiculous making £17k from a property I didn't own, so let me explain a little...

The day the money hit my bank was unforgettable. My Wife did'nt even believe me until she logged into our online banking and checked for herself. 

This was the moment we both realised that you
COULD make money from property without owning it and actually what was even more insane was that it took me (in total) about 8 hours of work to earn the money.

The actual process itself took a lot longer (about 12 weeks) but even still... earning what was my yearly wage in just one deal, was the most crazy thing of all.

From that day forward I knew, I could
repeat the process and do it over and over again.

I'll tell you more about how I did it, but first... Why should you listen to me?

"I came into property accidentally (becoming a landlord) I then learned creative strategies and generated cashflow that dwarfed my income from my day job.

In 2017 I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise and the network grew to 50+ offices within 18 months.

We then launched our P2P Investment platform and that has gone on to fund millions of pounds worth of property projects.

Now I help others get started in property without the need for expensive property courses sold by gurus!"


Me and my Wife Claire in October 2021

"If You Can Speak English and Use a Computer and Build Relationships with People - You Have The Skills Too!"

Deal Packaging is the best strategy for beginners and newbies - So how did I do it?

OK so, Deal Packaging is when you find a property investor who is looking to invest in their next (or first) property...
You find out what it is they are looking for (budget, area, type of house etc)...
Then you go and find houses that match their criteria and if they purchase a property you have found...
They pay you a fee - Typically between £3,000 and £5,000.
The REAL BONUS IS - once you know how to do this, you are totally in-control of how much you want to earn... 

Untitled design - 2021-12-10T173442.542.png

"My First Deal Netted Me More Than My Annual Salary!

I Went From Day Job to Being My Own Boss

Waking Up Each Day & Doing What I Wanted."

So what exactly did I do to get paid £17k? 

A contact I met at a networking meeting - introduced me to two overseas investors who were based in Hong Kong. I gave them a call and discovered they wanted to buy a block of flats in the north-west with 4 to 6 units in one building.

I had been speaking with a portfolio landlord around this time and he was selling multiple properties and a few were houses that had been calved up into individual flats. 

Now here's where it gets interesting.... 

We did what's known as a 'title split' and added a huge amount of value for the investor who was buying it. I will try explain what that entailed...
The owner who was selling the property valued it as one property, not multiple units (due to them all being on one title). This meant the true value would actually be much higher, if the titles were split amongst the four flats. 


Now to be fair it was a complicated deal and that's why it netted me a bigger fee. It was a real baptism of fire and was not an easy deal to be honest. I talk about this on our free training here.
In reality - most deal packagers and traders, simply go find an investor and then go and find a property that meets their criteria - if they buy it, this generates you a sourcing fee/finders fee typically between £3k and £5k.

"This Is The Ultimate Way To Get Started In Property With Limited Cash Reserves and Build Yourself A Pot of Cash!"

So IF YOU WANT TO create an income stream to supplement your day job and build a pot of cash via property - Deal Packaging could be just what your looking for. 

Property on the whole is all about creating multiple different sources of income. You can do this by using a wide range of strategies such as: sourcing and trading deals, lease options, B.R.R.R deals, assisted sales etc. 

But to jump into many of these strategies means you need capital to get started. - Not with Deal Packaging...

You will need much less money to get started - if you start by deal packaging.

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Deal Packaging.png

"Can You See How Powerful This Strategy Is?"

INTRODUCING: Sourcing & Deal Packaging Masterplan Online Course

Copy of Deal Packaging (1).png

Our Property Deal Packaging Masterplan online course, gives you everything you need to get started and scale your own business.

Included in the online course:

- How to Start: Business Set-Up and Compliance
- The exact steps I followed and many others that have netted thousands in fees
- I will give you the contracts you need to protect your fee and some other Bonus documents too
- How to find investors you can work with and the ultimate hack to get you started
- I will give you lifetime access to the course materials for one super low fee
- I will even give you free course content updates - so the content stays fresh and you get maximum value!
- I will give you a deal analyser so you can analyse potential deals in super quick time!
- I will share with you the literal step by step from start to finish so you know exactly what to do
- Bonus content on other exciting strategies such as B.R.R.R (buy, refurbish, refinance) and more...

Plus these huge benefits to help you succeed!

- Lifetime Access to the online course
Bonus Free Course Content Updates FOREVER! (keeping the content fresh and up to date for free)
- Opportunity to upgrade to Lifetime 1 to 1 mentorship on our Property BaseCamp Package

"How Many £3-5K Fees A Month Would It Take To Replace Your Current Income? One Deal? Two Deals?

Let me ask you this...

If you were earning £3K per deal - How many would you need to replace your current income?

Would doing one deal per month give you enough money to replace that income?

It's easy for the above figures to sound ridiculous, but that's the true potential income.

Here's the dose of REALITY YOU NEED - 

To learn new skills, gain confidence and generate the relationships and leads takes time. 

Whilst the income potential is great - it's not a 'get rich quick scenario'. 

I want to make it crystal clear - you won't be financially free in weeks! Don't listen to guru types who make ridiculous claims about earning and becoming financially free in days in very short timescales. 

I am a big believer in being ethical and presenting the potential (as above) BUT... making sure you understand that if you are reading this and thinking about getting rich overnight then - you should consider buying a lottery ticket.

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Full Online Course (Value £350)

  • Comprehensive step by step course showing you 'How to source, analyse, package and sell deals'

  • Full process so you know exactly what to do at every step

  • Learn at your own pace and login anytime

  • Includes the sourcing contracts you need and Bonus property documents too! 

Multiple Strategy Deal Analyser

  • Easy to use property deal calculator

  • Multiple strategy analysis

  • Quickly work out if a deal stacks up or not!

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Bonus PDF Downloads

  • PSN Business Journal

  • Eight Steps to Starting

  • Tools and Resources

  • Social Media Funnels & Marketing

  • Plus other bonus downloads...

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*Access is to course only and does not include support*

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