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What is Property BaseCamp?

"You get lifetime access to an online course platform, that gives you the step by step knowledge across multiple property strategies. Which enables you the opportunity to start and build your business without the need for expensive property courses.

BaseCamp also get's you access to: one on one support! (no group coaching). You get daily support and you can book one Zoom call per month where we help support you with your business.

BaseCamp is a gamechanger, it gives you all the knowledge you need and lifetime access to one to one support. It's quite simply the best and only route you should consider, if you want to start a property business"

Paul - Founder of PSN Property Education
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Join BaseCamp


Access to Five Property Courses: Property Deal Sourcing, Rent to Rent, Assisted Sales, Commercial to Residential and *Rent to Buy

Daily Support for Any Questions: Via our dedicated support Email and you can ping Paul a message directly on Facebook Messenger anytime!

Monthly Zoom Call: You get a one to one Zoom call for an hour a month with Paul, to help push your business forward, look over potential deals or just to get a second opinion on something! It's a one on one experience with the aim of helping you where you need it most. Simple but effective one on one support and mentoring for your business.

Lifetime Access & Free Content Updates Forever: Unlike most property training and courses in the UK, we give you value for money off the scale! Why? We give you lifetime access to all the course content and we are also constantly updating and adding to that content, which means... you get ongoing value forever!


"Property BaseCamp is not like other property training, you get value for money off the scale!"
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✅ We know life get's in the way sometimes and that's why we give you lifetime access to our content. You can just login online and learn, whenever suits you, it's that simple.

✅ People who did our early courses were asking for mentorship and support, so we listened and provided the Property BaseCamp Programme, but we made it affordable and accessible. Others sell mentorship for thousands of pounds for just a few months access... we give you full lifetime access to support - one on one, and it's affordable to all budgets!

✅ Value for money comes in bucketful's, but the big one is... we are continually updating our online content and all members get that for free. No up-selling or extra charges - when we add new content!

What Makes Us Different?

Why Choose to Join Us?

We are pretty biased (obviously) but it's really quite simple...

No other course or trainer in the UK gives you as much value as we do. 

Why would you pay thousands for property training, when you can get more for a lot less cost and get added benefits like one on one support forever!

We hand on heart don't believe we have any competition, as nobody else offers what we offer people and at a price point that works for everyone.

Join BaseCamp


You want more out of life and know you can do more?

You're tired of the day, job and want to work for yourself?

You want more financial security, more income?

You have an interest in property?

You always wanted to get started, but expensive property courses, put you off?

These People Below, Felt Like You Once...
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You're In The Right Place If...

  • You want step by step, property training where you get real support - one on one!

  • You want to take the first step to achieving, what the people above have.

  • You want to increase your income via a proven method - no gimmicks!

Get Started Now
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