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Finding Property Investors - Stupidly Simple Hack!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I know many people struggle with finding the elusive and very rare… lesser spotted property investor… the truth is…If you want to find investor clients, it can be as simple or as hard as you make it.

I want to share with you a completely free way that you can have investors coming to you every single day, pretty much passively. No fancy advertising, no costs, no envelope filling, just a genius and stupidly simple idea that works when done in the right way… Download our free step by step guide - to nail this strategy to bag more investors below!

Social media is a huge part of this…and it pains me to say it, as I despise social media. If I had my way I wouldn’t even be on social media but it’s such a big part of businesses these days, that you can’t really ignore it or fail to use it to your advantage.

Let me start by asking you a question… have you considered starting your own Facebook group? The reason I ask is, it’s another great way you can position yourself as the authority in your niche. By niche I mean your area of operation, as well as what you actually do in property. What am I talking about???

Let me give you an example… if you have a deal packaging or sourcing business, how about creating a Facebook group on investing in your area… just as an example: ‘Investing in Property in Liverpool’.

Another simple question for you… Who is going to join a group like this? It’s obvious… people looking to invest in property in that area, in other word’s…. Your ideal investor client!

Your probably thinking ok sounds like a good idea… seems obvious now you mention it! It really does seem so obvious it’s daft. But the basic idea is… If you create something that speaks to your ideal investor client, then they will join out of curiosity if nothing else, to see what it’s all about and if it’s going to give them any value.

Then it’s your job to give them that value by way of articles, free guides, tips on investing, the area etc.

And that brings us smoothly onto: what do you post in this group you created???

Ask yourself this… An investor that is interested in investing in your area, wants to know what?

What would interest them? Really think about it…

Would content relating to that specific area be of interest? YES…. of course it would a million percent!

Would content about areas of regeneration in that area be of interest? Hell yeah…

Would content about the local property market be of interest? YES! YOU SEE HOW EASY THIS IS??? You could go on and on and on with ideas I’m sure.

Content Creation – Speak to your ideal clients’ needs and desires

Content for your niche property Facebook group, is pretty damn straight-forward. You could write 15 pieces of content right away, if you sat down and made a list of headlines for posts, articles, free guides that you could create.

The key is your group is not just another property group, I know there are hundreds of them – yours is very specific and only about your area, your local market, and you are that local expert… The power is totally due to you really niching down. If you’re a sourcer and you say you operate all over the UK, I bet you any money that most if not all your deals are within an hour drive of where you live.

Being a sourcer that specialises in a demographic area gives you focus, and it helps you appeal to your ideal customer much more easily. Why over-complicate matters?

Talking of content, if your ultimate goal is to draw investors to your Facebook group… your content should never be spammy and all about you constantly pitching for business…. Always, always, always, give value, but it needs to be clear that any value you give… you also need a clear call to action, so should investors want to invest, they can book a call with you, or a free consultation, whereby you can pitch your sourcing services and explain how it works for them.

They should chase you, not you chasing them. You’re in a service business and when people want or need your service, they will come to you…

To give you a framework for the content you should look to post… I’ve broken it down for you and this framework is proven no matter what sector you are in, so if you have another business or side hustle this framework for creating content will have a positive effect on engagement.

Your posts in that group should be a mixture of the following:

1. Motivational posts to engage the audience

2. Educational posts to give them value and gain their trust

3. Entertaining posts to mix things up and show your humorous side

4. Action posts to share part of your day, week (a peek behind the curtain)

These four types of posts will ultimately help show… who you are and what you can do. It also has the audience in no doubt on who to contact should they want to invest in that area you operate in.

Sure, you can get busy posting coloured envelopes to addresses in the hope you get a few leads, or you can spend out big money on paid adverts, but the reality is… with some time and a clear focus and consistent effort you could have investors falling into your life on a daily business with zero spend. How amazing would that be?

Ultimately, you just have to decide what suits you best and what suits your skill set. If you don’t have the time or skills to start a Facebook group and commit to running it and focusing on it. There are many other options open to you that we’ve talked about on previous episodes.

OK so now we have your Facebook group up and running – I’m sure you’ll be generating content consistently and you’re getting investors requesting to join every day. Amazing.... so I really should talk about what to do with your list of investors.

Qualify Your Investors

Another big bonus with creating a Facebook group is… you can of course set a few questions for people to complete, if they want to join your group. So, when they request to join the group, they have to answer some pre-set questions, to gain access to your group.

This can help you be really selective, as you don’t want other sourcers stealing your business… you want investors… be picky and qualify the members.

Before you know it, you’ll have the email addresses of hundreds of potential investors interested in your specific area.

If you have those email addresses of your ideal clients, you can also give them even more value in a targeted email campaign and further push your expertise and build more trust by sharing your local knowledge.

Ideally you want to have a completely automated process with this, but to have investors join your Facebook group and be automatically added into an email sequence is difficult so a work-around is once per day you add any new sign-ups to your email list manually by copy and pasting their email and name into your email management software.

How do you set up an email campaign? You can pay for fancy software that can send out email campaigns like Convert Kit, Active Campaign etc, but if you’re just starting out with this… use MailChimp for free. It’s super easy to use and set-up an email campaign. And I will add a link to YouTube to some step-by-step videos for this.

Investor Customer Journey – How do they take their next steps???

I want to finish up today by covering - sealing the deal… Obviously your goal is to build an investor list of motivated buyers, the Facebook group will do this if you are consistent with the necessary tasks. But how do you take a Facebook member and turn them into an investor you can sign up and work with?

Think about the customer journey, they enter your Facebook group, they get daily content, value and knowledge in bucketfuls… they engage, like, watch and may be start commenting and asking questions, maybe they inbox you privately. That’s the organic route but you can force it by placing clear call to actions within certain types of content you post out.

For instance…

Imagine you post something, and you make a Google document that people can download… for example top 5 postcodes in your area to invest in buy to lets.

Now on that document you should have a clear CTA that gives them the opportunity to book a call with you… use calendly for free and share your calendly link and they will schedule a call with you. This is your content and value doing all the work for you… and the investors are messaging you and chasing you.

I’ll provide the links to calendly and anything else I’ve mentioned in the free guide.

The truth is, this isn’t easy, you have to commit to it, be present and offer up the right content. If you want my free guide to setting-up your own niche property Facebook group all you have to do is click the link here:


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