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Full-Time in Property in Less Than 8 months

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Just a few short months ago a great guy called Kushal, contacted me saying he wanted to replace his income via property. Just 5 short months later, he tells me he is going full-time in January/February! So how did he do it?

If I remember correctly we spoke on the phone as he had some questions before he bought our Property BaseCamp Package... he explained he had a day job as a Scientist, but he was really keen to replace his income via property.

He wanted to double check what he was getting for his money as he had paid a substantial amount for other training and been left feeling short-changed. I totally sympathised with that and explained he was in the right place as we are the anti-property course, course guys!

He signed up after our chat and has been 100% committed ever since.

Initially we decided that the quickest route to replacing his income was using rent to rent as a strategy. But this just wasn't a good fit for Kushal and so we had a Zoom call and started looking at different options. It soon became apparent that a JV refurb project would be much better suited to his situation.

After a few weeks, we crunched the numbers together on a potential deal on one of our Zoom support calls, he gets monthly.

The numbers looked really good, and what's more... Kushal had already found a great builder ready to take on the project, which was a refurb and conversion into a HMO property.

The process of buying and getting the build team in was pretty much seamless. I have to take my hat off to Kushal, he is like a dog with a bone... he knows what he needs to do, and it gets done!

Kushal has utilised our support and he pings me messages most weeks with a question on something or other, just to get that reassurance.

Kushal, was soon thinking about project 2 and the builders had barely started on project 1! That's just how he rolls! I keep telling him smash one task at a time... but low and behold on our last Zoom call he tells me, he has now lined up project 2 which is almost identical to the first!

I've told him he may need to split himself in two if he carries on at this rate, but that's just typical of Kushal, always wanting to focus on what's next... So with deal number 2 lined up he tells me the amazing news... he is going full time in property in the new year, so he can really push things on.

Kushal knows the road is long, but he is a determined and focused guy who makes things happen and I have no doubts he will do just fine in the years to come.

Now I have to say that this guy is a force of nature, just a few months ago he was looking at a different strategy but quickly realised it didn't suit him and he pivoted to focus on refurbs where he could add value and pull money out the deal. He has been nothing but focused and constantly planning and ticking off tasks from day one.

The moral of Kushal's story is... if you want something to happen you have to make it happen! Don't expect miracles or an easy ride to riches... property is not a get rich quick vehicle, but Kushal has seized an opportunity and run with it and is now seeing the rewards.

If you would like affordable education and to have that support each step of the way... email us to check if we have places available on Property BaseCamp.


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