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How can I leave my day job and build an income via property?

Updated: Mar 9

I went from a day job to being in property full time, to then retiring and living overseas in my early forties. When I say that out loud… it still seems far-fetched, even to me!


But if this journey has taught me anything, it’s that the whole thing, is just a process.


There is no secret, or luck involved. You can do this by design and create a different future for yourself too.


So how can you leave your day job and earn money via property?

This was the question I had when I was starting out. Trouble is there’s so much noise online about this strategy and that strategy, it’s enough to make your head spin!


There are so many webinars, so many books, so many options, so many gurus! I know I felt overwhelmed, and I know you might do too right now… That’s why I put this together, to help you make some decisions and move forward!


For the purpose of this I’m going to assume you have little to zero money to invest – (like I did when I was getting started in property.)


Even with limited funds you can get started in property (which is amazing) and even better, you can start building up a cash pot by choosing a strategy that fits your situation.


With no need for, mortgages, loans, or deposits!


The answer is: Property deal packaging OR Sourcing.


This is where you find properties that investors want, and then they pay you a lump of money called a ‘finder’s fee.’


You can expect to earn £3,000 to £5,000 for every property you source for an investor, so it’s a great way of generating income and building up your own cash reserves.


Even if you only did 1 deal a month that’s an income of £36,000 to £60,000 from just 12 deals! If you scaled that up the earning potential dwarfs most day jobs.


All you need to achieve the above is:


  • How to do it!

  • What contracts to use

  • Find 12 people (investors) in a year

  • Find 12 suitable properties for those investors

  • Earn £36K to £60K + in 12 months


Remember, money in your bank then opens the doors for you to invest and jump into other strategies!


How Can You Learn to Do This?


Simple! There’s a lot of property education out there! The bad news is… most courses cost a few thousand pounds... which is a lot of money to be forking out at the start of your journey.


The good news is… we now sell our sourcing course for a very low fee (that suits all budgets).

CLICK THE BUTTON (offer may expire soon)


A lot of people say Paul, but if it’s only £350 for everything - surely, it’s going to be basic?


No way is it basic!

It’s very comprehensive and complete and we even throw in lifetime access to the online course and give you free course content updates – meaning you pay once, but get value for money ongoing as we add new content.


It’s a no brainer for just £350 and we have plenty of people who’ve been smashing deals and making thousands in return for that £350 investment.


I mean if we are talking about a return on investment – this is a must buy (while it lasts).


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