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Milestone for PSN Property

In 2019 Paul, exited his previous group of companies and decided to share his knowledge of property, strategies and investing with others.

Paul said... I wanted to make property education more accessible to people and take away all the hyped up marketing and nonsense a lot of the UK's property trainers use to sell courses.

Property education is full of sharks and money hungry course sellers - something had to change!

So we are very proud to announce...

... That this week marks a significant milestone in our journey. We have successfully provided property education to over 600 aspiring property investors and business owners.

Since our launch in 2019 with just a single online property sourcing course, we have expanded our range of courses - 4 fold, and back in August 2020, we introduced a unique and game-changing mentorship program that offers lifelong support to individuals looking to build an income from property. (without the high price tag)

Our members who had purchased stand-alone courses wanted our help, so mentoring was a no brainer. But we had to do it differently whilst keeping it affordable to people too.

Giving people another option other than forking out thousands for courses has always been important to us so the price point really mattered.

Paul explains: I wasn't sure about mentoring people initially and it was never the plan!

But I would continually get asked by people who had bought my courses if I offer mentoring. The answer was always no until eventually I gave in!

I decided to do a trial run without advertising it with one of our existing clients and it was this experience that changed my mind completely.

I discovered, I loved being a small part in somebody else's business. Helping them forge a path forward, giving answers to questions, helping them plan their next steps and strategy. Just being there to fix problems and give solutions.

The other thing is the personal side of things... getting to build a relationship with people. To really understand what they want from property and their business or investing journey. On mentorship calls we often talk about non property related stuff. I've had some interesting conversations over the last couple of years!

I never really wanted to offer group coaching, I'd done it in the past and found it benefited some people but not all. So for me the only way to mentor is one to one and to really help people in their business where they need it most.

I never forget that feeling when a student got their first fee and banked some money!

I remember that feeling when I did my first ever deal. (a title split, I sourced and sold on to an investor overseas).

You cannot beat that feeling and when one of my students did that with my help and guidance it felt amazing! I remember celebrating like I had banked the fee.

I take great pride in my mentees success and love getting a message saying, I've just done a deal, just earned X,Y,Z.

We even have some 'celebrity' mentees now appearing on 'Homes Under the Hammer'

Rhian, appeared on the latest series and we have more people who have filmed for the upcoming series too!

Rhian & Martin on Homes Under The Hammer

Rhian is a lovely Welsh lady who has done amazing things in property and is a joy to work with... we always have a laugh on our monthly video calls and she is now in double figures for her B.R.R.R property portfolio.

Rhian was an experienced investor, prior to joining us but it's a joy to be a part of her property business journey and watching her grow her portfolio and reach her own goals.

So after hitting this milestone of 600 what plans do we have for the future?

Our current offering of lifetime mentorship for one low fee is already packed with bonuses but I am working hard to extend the bonuses included. With extra courses and useful add-ons that will benefit anybody on that package.

Unlike any other program in the UK, our unique offering allows our members to have access to a mentor for life.

This personalized one-on-one training is facilitated by our founder, Paul, who brings to the table a wealth of experience. With a background as an estate agent, letting agent, investor, developer, sourcer, rent to rent operator, and multiple property business owner.

Paul, offers invaluable insights and practical guidance. Having co-founded the UK's largest property sourcing network and franchised that business with over 50+ offices across the country, Paul during his time in the industry has built up a network of over 120,000 investors both in the UK and overseas. He understands the strategies in a real world sense and won't teach anything he has not done himself.

So to celebrate this milestone Paul has opened the doors to his mentoring program one last time before summer hits!

This wont open up again to most likely the Autumn time - so if you want to join us you have till the last day of June 2023 to do so.

You can find out more information here by clicking below.


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