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Most People Fail In Property Because...

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Most people fail in property because.. they are so scared of hearing the word 'no' - when they are pitching to landlords, investors, agents etc.

They just want the positive result. The result that everybody else 'seems' to get on social media! Everybody else is smashing it what if I fail? It's time to put on those big boy pants, or big girl pants...

The truth is...

You will get so many more 'no's' when you pitch an idea, a strategy, a process to people... You will get more NO's than you will ever hear the word Yes!

Going for and even accepting and embracing that 'no' is just part of the course is an absolute must! You cannot be scared of hearing no, again and again. Face it, you should be hearing this word every single day of your life. If you do hear it, hey it just means ultimately your active, your out there trying and getting closer to that positive result!

They key is to learn from it day by day, conversation by conversation... could you have said anything differently? Approached it in a different way? Are you being too forceful? Too salesy? Trying too hard?

If you just aimlessly go from one 'no' to the next and don't try to improve, you are wasting your time and theirs. I see this a lot with door to door sales people. You know they are almost resigned to hearing the word no before they even open their mouth.

Accept that in business and in property, you will likely hear 10 or 20 no's for every yes

It's a numbers game and you improving and tweaking your process, your script is the only thing that can increase how many times you hear yes.


You struggled for so long and then this one day, it all just clicked and you started getting more positive responses. Actual conversations, engaging back and forth... people start asking you questions. When people do this there is at least an element of interest! To use a fishing analogy... They are on the hook, tentatively you have to steer the conversation so you can reel them in, sometimes navigating difficult questions.

The reason it takes skill and time is, it takes time to find your own flow, develop your own patter and also create what works for your personality. There is no 'killer script' that works every time. There are tips and tricks that can help for sure, but each situation, each person is different and you have to be skilled in communicating your ideas and benefits to willing listeners.

If your reading this and you can relate to it please, please don't be paralysed by the fear of hearing no. Your business will fail on you, you will lose interest before you even get started.

Don't ever fail before you give it a real good go! What's the worst that can happen?

They say no, and you move on... it's actually not that bad is it! Think about it....

Wantrepreneurs - are full of ideas, but never make them happen!

Entrepreneurs - are action takers and make it happen regardless!

Which one are you?



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