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Property Education: Should You Do A Course?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Many people are drawn to property for one reason... money. This is why most property trainers and courses are marketed as a route to financial freedom.

So let's give you the low-down and answer the question, should you do a property course...

You Should Have Realistic Expectations

Most property training is sold on a couple of misleading expectations. You will watch webinars that give a loud and clear message, which is usually:

  • Property is your route to financial freedom and....

  • Using property strategies is a quick route to wealth or income

This is I'm afraid only partially true... let me explain what I mean by that:

Yes you can become 'financially free' (earn enough money to quit the day job and work and live how you wish). However, despite that being very possible, these webinars dress it up as the ONLY RESULT from doing their course or training.

This is obviously incorrect and massively misleading. Most people who do a property course actually don't do anything with it. FACT! I say that as a property trainer who would rather be honest over chasing money! By that, I mean some people who do courses fail to really take action and be consistent with it. Most people have a habit of quickly losing interest and either go look at another course or they turn their attentions elsewhere.

Now that's not their fault at all. I blame 100% the way these courses are dressed up and marketed. They sell a dream scenario, the perfect outcome, they share the best case study they have and make it look like of you do their course then this 'result' will happen for you too. What they don't say is...

It will take a lot of hard work, it will take commitment, it will need you to take huge amounts of action and be consistent and only then will you have a shot of getting close to what you want. Money.

So the end result is, people sign up to a course thinking (after being mislead on a webinar or at a seminar) that property is easy, you will be financially free in a few weeks or months and your life's problems will soon be solved by your financial freedom.

The Reality With Courses Is...

If you do a course and you approach it as a 'business opportunity' and not some life hack or get rich quick option then your head is in the right place.

If you see it for what it is - an opportunity to potentially earn money and generate wealth, with hard work and effort then you will be ok.

If you realise that there will likely be no quick wins and that it takes time, then your going to probably stick at it and go somewhere...

The reality is... if you do have those realistic expectations from the outset you are more likely to succeed. If your the type of person always looking for a short-cut, the easy route, the life hack, the next get rich quick idea....I'm gonna throw it out there... and say, your probably wasting your time on everything you look at and you need to stop looking for the shiny penny.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Any get rich quick story you heard of or read and were inspired by, is just not the norm.

We live in the real world and property courses no matter how much they cost, no matter how amazing you think the trainer is... do not offer you some sure fire route to untold wealth and success. That last bit comes entirely from you. The education and course is just the beginning... the real education comes from taking action, making mistakes, honing your skills, getting better, improving, getting results and earning money.

Property courses are their to give you knowledge. Hopefully give you the theory of - How to do it, How to replicate what somebody else did - the rest is down to you making it happen! Only you can make it happen. Property is no place for wantreprenuers.

Property courses are fantastic tools, if you see them as part of the story and not the whole story. When I was mentoring and training people in my previous business, I used to say on day one to people.... all the knowledge in the world is amazing... but if you don't do anything with it and apply it in the real world then what's the point.

You may be aware that I offer property training in the form of online courses and we offer step by step training and our top package offers lifetime 1 to 1 support, but let me share something with you. Most people who buy our top package never use the support element.

You would think that people would really use it, and be on zoom calls with me month in month out, utilising my knowledge, asking questions and helping themselves to push their business forwards. The reality is some do, but most people actually don't. It puzzles me that people have access to support 1 to 1 and don't use it.

I have people who have done my courses and they never make contact or respond to invites to chat, or book calls. They buy the course and that's it. This is absolutely fine, each to their own. But then I have people who really utilise it, and each month they are pushing themselves and moving forward, investing themselves, doing deals, finding JV partners and progressing.

You see from my unique position as a trainer (who is not hell bent on greed) I would rather people who buy my courses understand, property is not easy... but that yes, there is a HUGE opportunity there and if you want to build a viable property business, then yes I'll give you all the help I can. If you're after a 'get rich quick' solution to your problems, do yourself a favour and don't buy a property course - thinking you will be financially free in weeks. You won't!

I once had a guy call me and say he is looking at my courses and thinking of buying one. But I have one question.... I need to make £10k per month within a couple of months. Can I do that with your course? I was astounded by the question and if I was another trainer I might have said yes it's possible! What I did say to this guy was why the rush? Why 10k per month? He told me he watched webinars and seen others saying they had done it. He thought it was a case of do a course and earn 10k a month in no time at all.

Needless to say I tried my best to re-align this guys expectations, the call ended and he probably went off and bought another course elsewhere where the trainer told him he could do it and I bet he regrets that decision a year on - he was not the right type of person.

I sell my own training and offer my support, on the understanding that getting into property is an opportunity and that your results are entirely dependent on how you approach it.

I have a guy who I was chatting to just yesterday, who told me he is going full time in property in the new year after sealing another deal on a HMO. This guy is obsessed by his property business, he lives and breathes it, he pushes himself, he uses my support whenever he needs to, but the difference between him and somebody that doesn't do anything is ultimately: drive, determination, action and consistency. That really is all there is to it, some do, some don't.

Before considering any course you should ask yourself are you the right type of person to take action and run with it?

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