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The Secret Truth to Financial Freedom via Property...

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Certain people in property like to create an air of mystery. They talk about secrets... the secret to sourcing deals, the secret to becoming financially free, the secret to changing your life via property. I'd like to dispel at least some of these supposed secrets...

Financial freedom get's dressed up as the biggest secret of all by the property gurus. The only reason they do this and behave as if all their knowledge is somehow a 'secret' is because, they can sell you a course and give you those closely guarded secrets.

I sell property training but I'm honest about it. I tell people you can find out all you need to know online for free. That's a fact! But some people prefer to not waste time trying to pull together all that information and put it into some sort of workable process. So they buy a course to save time and push forward quicker.

That is how it should be... not some marketing nonsense. No property guru in the UK has a secret hack that earns them more money than the next person! They are not on another level to you or better than you, in any way, shape or form. They merely create some sort of mystery around the most precious of scenarios - the getting rich via property train.

I prefer to sell my online property training for a fair price and with zero of the nonsense you get from these guru types. Their marketing makes me die inside, like seriously it does. I mean does anybody really buy the: 'Quit your day job in 90 days' and 'Become financially free in 7 days garbage?'

I say it all the time to people looking to get started in property. Do not, whatever you do, see it as a get rich quick vehicle! You should see property, as a way to get rich quicker than a day job! It's all about starting out and having the right expectations. The right mindset, and not be living in cloud cuckoo land! Thinking your going to be super rich in a few months.

Anybody marketing their course as the secret to this and that and talking about timescales like 90 days and 7 days etc need one thing.... ignoring!

If you really really honestly, want to build a property based business as an extra income stream that you can scale, then you must prepare for the hard work, the long nights, the zero results in the early days and the hustle each and every day....

If your thinking you start a business, do some deals, become financially free and hey presto your life is changed forever... you've definitely been watching too many YouTube videos from dodgy characters.

Being a business owner is not for everybody, most people actually have an employee mindset and it's not an easy shift to change that. Only certain types have the right drive and approach and presence of mind to see the opportunity and be self accountable.

If you don't have this... you will fail miserably. You will fail quickly and you will inevitable go jump on the next thing that promises you an easy ride and quick route to wealth or changing your life.

I'm all for education as I provide a level of education on my courses, yet... I'm a realist and I don't take kindly to people being sold a dream, being misled and being rinsed of thousands of pounds in the process.

If you read this and you were hoping for answers and this was not what you expected to read... well I hope it opened your eyes and mind, to another path forward or another approach.

Yes, you can get wealthy from property. Yes, there is an opportunity to create more passive income than exchanging time for money as you do in a day job. Yes, you can create a property business that will give you several income streams and yes, you can become financially free... But...

Don't be that person that chases the shiny penny in 2021, don't waste anymore time! Your time is precious, so use it wisely and effectively. Set your expectations make sure they are actually realistic (and not based on some misleading marketing message), create your goals and go smash 2021!

If you want a step by step and affordable option to property training without all the b.s. and nonsense you get elsewhere.... click here

If you're looking at side hustles to increase your income each month then check out this podcast called - The Side Hustle Show' with Nick Loper.

This is probably my last blog of 2020 - so I'll wish you a Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2021! See you all next year, thanks for reading and listening to my podcast.

- Paul


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