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Want to Get Into Property But Don't Have The Money to Invest? Read This...

Many people would love to get into property, we all love a bit of 'Homes under the hammer' don't we?

Well as a nation we are obsessed by property... what your home is worth, what you could do with run-down properties.... I remember so many conversations over the years... saying to my Wife, I'd love to do this or that with a property.

It wasn't until I realised that you could get involved in property without actually investing yourself that the penny dropped.

I learned about various property strategies, that meant I could generate an income from property, I didn't even own!

It's one of those things... unless you know how - you are oblivious to the fact that YOU CAN GET INTO PROPERTY no matter what budget you have....

Let me share how you can get into property this year, even if you don't have tens of thousands sat in the bank.

Property Strategies like sourcing and deal packaging allow you to earn £3,000 to £5,000 per property you find and trade on to somebody else. It's kind of like an estate agent but the other way around.

Where an estate agent will get a fee for selling somebodies property, as a property sourcer you get a fee for finding a property for a buyer. Kind of like a personal shopper.

So a property investor tells you what they want, what location they want a property and what sort of returns they want in rental income and you go find it for them. If they buy it - they pay you a fee!

So why would somebody pay you to find a property when they can just go online and find one for themselves? It's a valid question and I thought the same before I got started.

Easy answer.... most investors lack time. They have money, but not time to view, to analyse, to carry out due diligence on an area, to negotiate. So they leverage people like property sourcers to do it all for them.

Investors often don't invest where they live too, so its a case of travelling to a new area with no knowledge too! They need a local expert with the connections and knowledge.

If you did one deal each month that could equate to an extra £3,000 to £5,000 in the bank. Not bad for a side hustle you could do around a day job is it?

Reality check.... OK if you have watched YouTube videos and seen various property people doing this sort of thing... they often make it sound super easy and a quick route to cash.

It's not easy or quick, but it is definitely worth the effort and time if you can learn the skills and do multiple deals each year.

Imagine an extra £10k or £20k per year ontop of your day job salary? What does that enable you to do in life? Pay debts? Go on holidays? Invest yourself?

How do you get trained to do this?

Well a quick google and a look on social media will see you find many people offering training and courses.

As a newbie you can get carried away especially if you believe every word these property guru types say! Its important to be a realist and recognise that it will take time and hard work too!

No property strategy will make you rich overnight, trust me - I've been in property 20 years!

Many courses will promise the earth and charge you a few thousand pounds for it!

We exist purely to help people avoid these expensive, over hyped courses. We provide affordable property training and also mentorship too.

We are the only company in the UK to offer mentorship that lasts forever and you only pay one fee to us, so that's maximum value that nobody else offers.

Contact us here today if you wish to gain training online or ask us about mentorship:


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