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Meet, Paul Rose

Investor, Entrepreneur, Property Professional of 20 years, Podcast Host and Property & Business Coach.

I also act as an advisor to property based start-up companies in the UK.

The only mentor and business coach that offers lifetime access in the whole UK.

Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur and property expert, recognized for his contributions to the UK property industry.


With a passion for empowering individuals to succeed in property-based businesses, he is the founder of PSN Property Education, a leading platform (with a difference) that assists aspiring entrepreneurs in starting and scaling property ventures in the UK.

Prior to launching PSN Property Education... 


Paul co-founded 'Sourced', the UK's largest property sourcing network. Through Sourced, he revolutionised the way people connected with property deals, creating a thriving community of property professionals and investors. The business franchised their operations and had 50+ offices around the UK inside two years.

His innovative approach to property sourcing not only transformed the industry, but also laid the foundation for countless successful property ventures across the country.

In addition to his accomplishments with Sourced, Paul also co-founded a pioneering property peer-to-peer investment platform called Sourced Capital. This platform has now facilitated the funding of millions of pounds' worth of property projects in the UK, helping investors achieve their financial goals.

With a wealth of experience as an investor, estate agent, and entrepreneur, Paul has utilised various popular property investment strategies throughout his career.

His extensive knowledge of the industry and unwavering dedication to helping others achieve success have earned him a reputation as a trusted mentor and advisor.

Paul has also consulted for property start-ups and helped take them from concept to launch acting as an advisor to the board for various companies.

After successfully exiting his UK businesses back in 2019 and 2020, Paul has transitioned into early retirement aged just  43, choosing to live overseas and embrace a new chapter in his life, with less work and more time dedicated to his other passions - family, travel and sports (F1 and Football). 

While enjoying his 'semi-retirement', he dedicates some of his free time to helping new aspiring property entrepreneurs avoid falling prey to the overpriced property training on offer from the many self-proclaimed 'gurus' operating in the UK.

Paul (PSN Property Education) now heads up, the only training company to offer lifetime mentorship one to one without ongoing costs. This is unheard of in the property training industry and is a unique and value packed offering.  

Through PSN Property Education, he shares his expertise and insights, providing invaluable guidance and resources to individuals looking to navigate the property industry with confidence.

Paul's passion, expertise, and commitment to empowering others have made him a respected figure in the property world. His tireless efforts continue to shape the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their property-based business goals.

If you would like to get started in property and avoid the expensive courses out there this is for you.

Property BaseCamp Premium is the ONLY UK training and mentorship to provide lifetime access and support with zero ongoing fees. So if you want us to work with you forever and support you in your property journey - email us now on to enquire.

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