Hi! I’m Paul,

Just a Normal Bloke in Property...  

I started out in property in the early noughties, becoming an accidental landlord. Since then I've been an estate/letting agent, Investor, Sourcer, and in 2017 I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise. I also set-up a property investment - peer to peer platform.

But I'm just a normal 40 something bloke, married, with two kids 18 and 20 (not really kids!) Oh and I own an adorable fluffy dog called Poppy.

If you were to ask me what my expert subject is, I would probably say - creative investment strategies, football and curry houses of the north-west!

I have a wealth of property based knowledge and I've helped clients in the UK and overseas, invest into the UK property market, for many years. My knowledge is also varied what with being an agent and also scaling a successful property sourcing franchise from the ground-up, to over 50+ offices around the UK.  

But in early 2019, I left the business I co-founded and discovered there was a real opportunity in the property education sector. Through my years of networking at property events across the UK... I sadly came across way too many horror stories, relating directly to property education and courses. Too many people were being misled and ripped off and scammed out of thousands of pounds.

So I decided to create the anti-property course, course.... and it's kind of snow-balled from that, into PSN Property Education. 

We now offer affordable property education online only and we give members of our property basecamp programme full 1 to 1 support. We seek to have many USP's over the so called property gurus, but our biggest are undoubtedly - value and our lifetime of support which blows the competition out the water!

Why pay £10,000 plus for training, when you don't have to? 

About Our Courses and Why We Are Different...

In early 2019, we launched with just one property course. The difference being we do not sell our courses using any sort of misleading marketing. 

The problem is many property courses are sold by self-proclaimed property gurus peddling a get rich quick dream! 

Many people spend thousands thinking that a course will have them set for life in a matter of weeks or months. This sadly is how many property courses are marketed these days and it's outrageous. 

Paul, has a podcast called 'The Property Side Hustle Pod' and for almost two years now he has been shining a light on the dark arts of the property gurus and property trainers fleecing unsuspecting people. 


When PSN Property Education launched it was only to bring something else to the table. The biggest barrier to most property education is the extortionate costs! Some charge tens of thousands to gain the knowledge and all the secrets. 

Well with PSN Property Education that barrier no longer exists... we offer affordable training and our top package which includes 1 to 1 support forever and lifetime access to all our courses even has monthly payment options so you can spread the cost. This means ultimately you can join and benefit no matter what your budget is.

In a nutshell? There is no reason you should be paying thousands for property education - no matter how compelling their sales pitch is! If you want to get started in property, PSN should be your jumping off point, nobody else will give you lifetime support.

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