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Hi! I’m Paul Rose,

Investor, Entrepreneur, Property Professional of 20 years, Podcast Host and Property & Business Coach.

I also act as an advisor to property based start-up companies in the UK.

The only mentor and business coach that offers lifetime access. 

I started out in property in the early noughties, becoming an accidental landlord when I let the property I owned and moved in with my Wife to be. I had always had a passion for property and my idea of a good night when I was younger was watching 'Property Ladder or Grand Designs'. Other than letting out my property I had limited experience until I refurbished my own 'second property' - that gave me the bug! 

I began looking at property as a way to generate a pension pot and earn an income too. I learned all about creative property strategies from people I knew in property and got myself educated. I built up a small portfolio of rent to rent properties which gave me confidence to jump into other things such as property sourcing and packaging deals for investors. This was the lightbulb moment really for me. I was earning an income from property, and I knew I could scale that up.

I eventually started my own estate agency and my main focus was on lettings as I seen that as a no brainer, I could source deals, and package them up for investors and retain the management too. I was a one-stop shop for investors wanting a hands free service. It made perfect sense... but I soon found that admin was not my strong point and I enjoyed working with investors and getting out and about being busy, not stuck in the office dealing with tenants and issues. 

In 2017, I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise (Sourced Franchise). We grew this from zero to over 50 offices around the UK.


With the huge success of the franchise, we decided to launch our own property backed peer to peer investment platform (Sourced Capital). This has gone on to fund tens of millions of pounds worth of property projects.

In 2019, I felt I wanted a new challenge. The business I co-founded no longer sparked a fire inside me, I was back stuck in an office again, tied to my desk and concentrating on growing and scaling another business I created. So after a break-away with my family I decided it was time to plough a different path...


I wanted to help others do what I had done. I went from my day job (not in property) to creating multiple successful property businesses and I picked up a lot of experience a long the way!

I knew from networking at hundreds of events that so many newbies were being misled and mis-sold a dream! Property gurus were staging property seminars using all sorts of unethical tactics to sell there 10k courses! It really annoyed me to see good honest people pay thousands for education - that simply wasn't necessary.

Property is a fantastic sector, don't get me wrong, but there is so much nonsense with many of these so called 'property gurus'.

I thought what about if I created something that was the complete opposite? That was the germ of an idea that later turned into PSN Property Education and me mentoring and helping people in their businesses one to one.

Somebody had to bring something else to the table. I'm proud to say I have saved people many thousands of pounds and helped them get started and scale their own businesses without the need for some B.S. property course costing thousands.


That ranks as one of the most satisfying things I've achieved in my career so far.  

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"If you are considering getting involved in property or...

You are looking to generate more income to lead a better life...

Don't buy expensive courses, costing thousands! I'm here to show you another way!

Join us today and save yourself thousands in education fees on other courses. 

PSN Property Education gives you more value for less cost and without all the b.s. and nonsense too!

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