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with LIFETIME access to one-to-one mentorship and support

Which option would you choose?

property 'guru' training OR us?

The Biggest Property Training Company in the UK: Will charge you £25,000 and you get (maybe) 20 minutes of actual 1 to 1 advice in a group setting (if you're lucky). You get to do that once a month for a year. Plus you have to travel to their head office and book a whole day off work every month, just to attend and yes that costs you a whopping £25K! 


Once your 12 months is up – you’re back on your own, with no support.


With Us: You pay £999 (*currently discounted) and you get personalised one on one mentorship with a monthly hour long video call where we help you in your business and investment journey, ongoing forever for a one-off cost!


Plus on this package we give you access to all our online property courses and plenty of other bonuses too!


THE EXPENSIVE WAY: is a package with one of the UK’s biggest property training companies who charge £25K for what is VERY limited support on their mastermind program for just 12 months.


THE SENSIBLE WAY: is the UK’s only property mentor program to give you, unlimited 1 to 1 mentoring forever. Plus access to online resources and courses you can access 24/7. All for a fraction of the cost - this is a no brainer!

The Property and Business Mastermind

We give you a step by step process to master several creative property strategies via our online courses.


Plus Paul mentors you one-to-one with monthly video calls and you get support daily for all your questions too. 

This is for people who are new to property, but also people with some knowledge and experience who are now frustrated and stuck on what to do next... we help people reach their income and business goals.

For example; we have mentees that joined us who were lost and once they got educated and had that daily and monthly support... success found them, like Alex, who generated over £40k from his first project, or Kushal who has built his own property portfolio.

What we do different - is we mentor you one-to-one (no group coaching here).

You get personalised support every day if you need it, and the best part is...

Once you join - we will support you forever without you paying us a single penny extra!

So even if you're thinking this is just another expensive property course your wrong!

If you're a newbie or experienced - We can help you form a plan and take you through the step-by-step to get you where you want to be in property. That's the beauty of lifetime support - we have your back forever!

So ask yourself... If we are there to show you how and help you every step of the way... How can you not do this?

'Build Income and Wealth - with Support and Guidance Ongoing Forever (no property gurus needed)'.

What You Actually Get:

  • Access to 4 online property courses covering popular strategies

  • Your own hour long monthly 1 to 1 video call with Paul

  • Access to Paul's personal WhatsApp for day-to-day support

  • Lifetime access to 1 to 1 support and mentoring

  • Business coaching, mindset and accountability included

  • Support ongoing forever (with no ongoing cost to you)

  • Discounted access to accounting services & property softwares

  • Deal Packaging & Sourcing Course

  • Rent to Rent Course

  • Assisted Sales Course

  • Commercial to Residential Course

  • Many more bonuses including: contracts, contacts, documents etc

(4 courses + lifetime access to your mentor and daily support)

The fact we have mentees that have built portfolios and generated thousands in extra income and changed their lives, means our program offers you a huge amount of value.

*Limited places remain on the discounted offer (For This June Only)

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Apply Today - CLICK HERE

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Rhian – experienced portfolio investor who needed help systemising and scaling her business. Wanted accountability and a sounding board each month to help with focus and direction. Rhian has since increased her portfolio into double figures and has a clear plan moving forward. Rhian has also appeared on a recent episode of Homes Under The Hammer.


Kushal – had done training elsewhere but felt lost and stuck on what to actually do! We formed a plan of action together and he has now completed multiple projects and is building his own property portfolio. Again, crunching numbers on prospective deals and having clarity on what to do next was absolutely key in his success.


Alex – Joined us and just needed that second opinion to check what he was thinking was right and to lean on Paul’s 20+ years of experience in the property sector. Alex has just gone full time in property and quit his day job. His first project netted him £37K profit and he is now scaling and has a list of investors wanting to work with him on project number 2.


Stephen – An experienced property investor who lives overseas. Stephen has regular monthly video calls with Paul, discussing what’s next, what’s happening in his portfolio, and getting advice on his current plans and those big longer-term life goals.


Ash – Now an experienced and very professional HMO investor! Multiple projects completed and he has dipped in and out booking calls and getting support on crunching the numbers on prospective deals.


Nicky – A newbie to property but with a thirst for property and very goal driven! He went from zero to having quite a few deals banked with his sourcing business in no time at all.  

Marzena - Came to us 7 months ago as a property newbie and is now undertaking her first joint venture project. We crunched the numbers together on our monthly video call and now the refurb is under-way so exciting times ahead for Marzena and her partner and their power team in Wales.

Marcus - Joined last month and already he has his first deal - a direct to vendor deal which is 15% below market value. 

How Do You Want To Look Back On The Next Year?

At the end of this year you are going to reflect - How it went for you, the wins the struggles and if you're where you want to be?

The choice of whether you achieve your goals is up to you.

You can carry on as you are... OR

You can join the Property and Business Mastermind and set in motion a REAL plan of action to get you where you want to be with property and business and income.

I'll be closing access as soon as my diary fills up - So the time is now... What you going to do?



Book a call with me and let's discuss where you are at and if we can help you or not.

A no obligation chat, to answer your questions on your next steps and to see IF...

You would be a good fit on our Property and Business Mastermind mentorship program.

If you're a newbie to property or an investor looking for help and guidance, or maybe you have done a course elsewhere and now your lost and frustrated - I can help you.


All WITHOUT the need of these property GURU trainers that charge silly money and offer barely any support to you.

I'm Paul, Let me tell you about my own journey... 

I got into property after years of watching property shows on TV. Property for me is a passion, not just a business. I also love how creative property can be, with so many different creative strategies out there. 

I was the co-founder of the UK's biggest property sourcing network (Sourced) with over 50+ offices around the UK.


I'm also the co-founder of a peer to peer investment platform (Sourced Capital) that has gone on to fund millions of pounds worth, of property projects around the UK.

I'm an experienced property professional, with a background in estate agency and investing, as well as my use of many popular creative property strategies over the last 20 years. 

I went from a day job, to full time in property, to being retired in my forties! 

I exited all my UK based businesses a few years ago to move abroad.


I now act as a part-time consultant to property start-ups in the UK and I also mentor select people on a one-to-one basis, helping them become wealthy via property.

Paul said... 

'I only decided to get into the property education sector - to stop people wasting money on expensive property courses sold by these so called 'property gurus.' My focus is on helping as many people as I can and doing it in an ethical and cost effective way and without the B.S.'

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Property Courses ‘get rich quick B.S.’.png
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Discovery Call

Book a Discovery Call where you can ask Paul questions about the mentor program 
*We don't accept all applicants we only work with selected clients.

Discounted to Just £999 June Only*
Usual Price £4,995

Price on July 1st £4,995

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