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Alex Made A Huge Profit On This Refurb Project!

Updated: Mar 9

Alex, (Property Basecamp Premium member) recently completed this project and blogged about it on his website. Alex kindly agreed we could share his blog below.

Alex's JV project below was actually with another PSN member who invested in the project.

I think you'll agree it's a stunning transformation. We love the creativity on this one and no doubt the huge uplift and profit is down to buying well, but also being super creative with adding that extra bedroom.

Enjoy the blog...

AP Property successfully sells it's recent Joint Venture acquisition on the open market after extensive work to create an amazing uplift in value!

At AP Property, we want to demonstrate the strategies that we utilise to maximise value for our clients and deliver the best results possible.

See below the snapshots from our recently sold project with one of our Joint Venture partners.

How did we create the uplift here?

1) A reconfiguration of the layout to transform a 1-bedroom flat into a functional 2-bedroom flat.

2) An extension of the Lease through a S42 notice. As this came with only 62 years left on the lease, it was well below the marriage value of 80 years. Putting off other potential buyers / competition.

3) A full refurbishment. There was no need to go back to brick here, but we definitely gave it a nice refresh!

4) Keeping in mind the end user from the start. Specifically catering to First-time-Buyers and those that are downsizing.

Do you need somebody to help you find your next investment opportunity?

We specialise in acquiring great projects at the right price, utilising creative strategies like these to maximise the added value and even help in facilitating multiple exit strategies on the back end of the deal.

Sound good?

Book a no obligation call to discuss your strategy with us today! Then we can get to work in helping you achieve your investment and property goals.

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