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How to Get a Property Mentor for Peanuts

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Want a helping hand in property? Want that security blanket of having somebody else to speak to and get support from to help you in your business? Of course you do, most people like this idea of supported learning and it's a no brainer for most people, but....what about the costs????

Your likely to have been quoted thousands of pounds and it's just not an option right now and likely ever! So you revert to going it alone and hoping you don't mess it up. Now let's be honest, most people don't have a spare £20k in their back pocket for property training.

So what's the alternative?

Well we set something up called 'Property BaseCamp' it gives people access to all our online courses but the real value is you get access to real support too.

If you have a question, or feel stuck, you can ping me an email, if you get stuck or want a second opinion on a deal then email it over and get real detailed feedback and advice.

But the main reason people jump on this with us is... they get a one to one Zoom call each month to discuss any issues, talk property and how to push their business forwards. We don't go in for the 'group coaching thing' we prefer the more personal and ultimately more valuable one on one scenario. It helps you to build up a relationship with us and it helps you move forward, stay accountable and push on with your goals.

How long does this training last?

Forever... no really, it does! We wanted to give people time to drop in and out when it suited them. Most people have day jobs and busy lives and so we decided to give all members lifetime access to the support and the courses and the zoom calls and the courses.

So when your in, your in forever!

So what about the costs involved?

For all this support and training we charge a small fee because from day one of starting PSN Property Education our model was to make education affordable to the masses and not some model to rip people off and make a fast buck! So yep it's affordable to all.

However access to Property BaseCamp is limited. We have to open and close enrolment so we can manage the support on our end. We only let so many people at any one time. Currently we only have plans to open up access twice a year, maybe a third intake but that's all.

What sort of training is involved?

We cover the most popular strategies; deal sourcing, rent to rent, assisted sales, commercial to residential etc. and we give a step by step approach to each one. You get stuck... you have us to help you when you need it.

So joining us and getting real one on one support is the most cost effective way to start a property side hustle in the UK!

Enrolment for Property BaseCamp only opens a couple of times each year now, so we can serve the people that join us. Click here for more information.


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