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  • Access to multiple online property courses

  • Get daily support for all your questions

  • Book a monthly 1 to 1 mentoring business support call

  • Build a business and income and get the support you need


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Property Education Needed!

You want to generate extra income - that's why you're here, I'm guessing...

So imagine, you had access to a bunch of online property courses and YOU got to book in a monthly Zoom call every month with a business mentor who will help you grow and scale your business with advice and support every single month!

And here's the gamechanger - we will give you Lifetime Access to us. Yes that's right. Lifetime Access to monthly 1 to 1 Zoom calls and email support.

Support + Courses

Sourcing & Deal Packaging Course:

Learn the full process from start to finish! We cover the whole nine yards - Business set-up, compliance, sourcing and packaging and we also show you how to find and build investor relationships.

Rent to Rent Course:

Rent to Rent is all about control of property not ownership. Discover how you can generate cashflow each month from property you don't own! We also include all the necessary contracts and property documents.

Commercial to Residential Course:

There is a huge opportunity due to planning laws being relaxed and converting buildings becoming easier from a planning perspective. Discover what this strategy can do for you and learn how to finance these types of projects too.

Assisted Sales Course:

An assisted sale is effectively a flip but you don't need a mortgage, a credit check, a deposit, but you can still generate an uplift in value and the same level of returns all with less risk! This is a strategy worth having in your back pocket as an investor.

Bonus Content Within Courses:

  • Contracts for sourcing and rent to rent

  • Property Documents

  • PDF Downloads & Guides

  • Access to Brokers (Mortgages & Bridging)

  • Tenancy Agreements

  • Heads of Terms

  • Deal Calculator (multiple strategies)

  • B.R.R.R Strategy Overview

  • Lease Options Overview

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*All course content is continually updated and added to for no extra charge!

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Want help with business set-up? ✅

Want advice on choosing the right strategy? ✅

Want help crunching the numbers on a deal?  ✅

Want to discuss how to talk to investors? ✅

Found a potential deal and want advice on what to do next? ✅

Need accountability to help you focus on your business? ✅

Property BaseCamp IS For YOU!

The Trouble With Most Property Training Is...

People Do A Course - But Then Feel Lost!

This is super common. People buy a course, feel super excited and after a few weeks, that initial excitement disappears and they feel lost and unsure what to do next!

The truth is most property training is OK but without support and somebody to talk to when you get stuck... it's really tough.


That's why we give lifetime access to our support and one to one Zoom calls! People need them!

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Property Is Not Easy Or A Fast Route to Cash

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Most YouTube 'Property Guru' types will create videos that make property strategies look easy. This is just not true!

In the real world making money from property comes through consistent hard work and effort over time. 

If you think property is some quick, fast route to financial freedom - let us tell you... property is not for you! Don't ever buy property training costing thousands! You WILL regret that decision, no matter how good the webinar you watched was!

How Do I Access The Training?

Once you join Property BaseCamp, you will get an email asking you to login to our platform. All our training materials are online and you can login and learn whenever you like.

How Do I Book A Zoom Call For Support?

When you join we send you a welcome email with all the details. You access Paul's Calendly (online diary) and select a time that suits you best and schedule a Zoom call. 

Could I Have a Phone Call Instead of a Zoom Call?

When you book in a call using Paul's Calendly diary, you can request a phone call instead and leave your phone number. Some people prefer a phone call and this is absolutely fine.

Can I Get Help With Setting Up and Getting Started?

The training is very much step by step and in order! So module 1 relates to business set-up and compliance - so yes it's all in the training with checklists and links and videos detailing how to get set-up and started. Plus you can ask any questions you have via support on email or booking in your first monthly Zoom call. 

I Want To Generate Regular Cashflow Can You Advise How? 

We can help you select the right strategy for you and your own circumstances. If you have very little money to get started or if you have some money set aside. There will be different options open to you and different paths to take. Our first support call is usually around helping you form a plan of action. Picking a strategy that suits you and your own circumstances. The aim of the game is you generating cashflow whichever strategy or path you take so yes we can help you with those decisions. 

How Quickly Can I Generate Cashflow? 

The million dollar question is always how quickly can I do something? The answer is... it depends! Let me explain...

You may be a complete newbie to property and have very little money and experience, you may have some money to invest yourself and have some experience already. The difference here is obvious, however in my experience of teaching hundreds of people it all boils down to consistency. If you are consistent in your efforts, your action taken then you will generate results and build momentum quicker than somebody who doesn't. 

We have had complete newbies earn money very quickly from sourcing deals, and we have had 'experienced people' take longer. So experience is less of a factor. For me it's about drive, ambition and attitude. You have to be pro-active, and consistent that's the bottom line. There is no secret formula - it really is that boring and obvious!

Can I Achieve Financial Freedom and Quit The Day Job?

Most 'property guru types' will use phrases such as 'become financially free' and 'quit the day job' - This attracts people who want to make money and escape the 9 to 5 and there is nothing wrong with that dream or goal!

However, if you watch too many YouTube videos you might just believe it's all really simple and easy! The truth is starting a property business and using various property strategies is not as easy as it might seem on YouTube. Regardless of some of the 'staged' nonsense you will see on YouTube. 

We live in the real world and so let us tell you the truth... Yes, it is possible to become financially free. Yes, it is possible to quit the 9 to 5. Property investing and many of the popular strategies such as sourcing or rent to rent are a great way to generate money and build cashflow... but don't expect to become rich overnight or be sipping cocktails on the beach while passive income floods into your bank account.

If you are the type of person that is always chasing the shiny penny... please stop! Stop looking for a short-cut to wealth. It does not exist unless you win the lottery. If you are always looking to 'get rich quick' - you will likely try a million different things and get nowhere fast - that's me being honest. But...


If you are serious and you realise the potential that property can give you... and your willing to commit and work hard. Yes you can achieve what you want.

I'm retired at 43 so If I can do it, anybody can with the right approach and the correct mindset. You just need to be realistic in your approach and understand it's a case of get rich quicker than a day job, not get rich quick!

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About Us

My name is Paul and I started out in property in the early noughties when I became an accidental landlord.

Over the years I have been a landlord, invested in flips, built a rent to rent portfolio, developed and for my sins I was an estate agent too! I really don't advise it - unless you love paperwork and headaches and phone calls 24/7!

In 2017, I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing network. We went from zero to 50+ offices around the UK. I also set up a peer to peer investment platform that has gone on to fund millions of pounds worth of property projects.

In 2019 - I took a step back and sold out of that business and I was in the fortunate position of no longer needing to 'work' thanks to property and business decisions.


So I decided to take a different path. I was sick and tired of these 'property guru types' peddling property courses at events and on webinars. Selling the financial freedom dream to property newbies.

Charging people £5k for a course and making property sound super easy, just did not sit well with me... and so I founded PSN Property Education to bring something else to the table!

Affordable property education WITH - no hype, no B.S. happy clapping events or dodgy 'get rich quick' marketing. Just value for money that was off the scale plus 1 to 1 support and free updates forever for a sensible price.


Access to this training is very limited (depending on support levels)
From time to time we close access to new people.

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Listen to Our Podcast:

Weekly property podcast presented by Paul Rose. Listen as we talk about strategies, how to guides and most importantly how not to get ripped off by property guru types selling courses!

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