Property BaseCamp - Gives you...

Courses, Mentoring,

Coaching & Support. 

All In One!

The UK's only property training to give you the knowledge and access to 1 to 1 support ongoing forever - for one low fee.

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One to One Mentoring & Support Forever For One Low Fee!

"For too long property training has been too expensive and often mis-sold to newbies as easy and a quick route to financial freedom.

We have stripped away all the b.s. and created something no other trainer or property guru will ever offer in the UK."

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Paul Rose - Founder of PSN Property Education &

Experienced Property Professional.

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What Is Property BaseCamp?

  • Access to FIVE COURSES Online
  1. Property Sourcing & Deal Packaging
  2. Rent to Rent
  3. Assisted Sales
  4. Commercial to Residential
  5. Rent to Buy*
  • Daily Support (Lifetime Access!)
Get your questions answered daily, need advice on a deal, or want to know your next steps? Just send us an email or message Paul on Messenger! No more feeling lost and stuck!
  • One to One Monthly Coaching Call
Each month you can book a 1hour Zoom call and get help in your business wherever you need it! Want to talk about Investors? Deals? Strategies? Whatever it is... you get personalised one on one help and this lasts forever, on BaseCamp!

Imagine having access to all the knowledge you need, plus real support 1 to 1?

Somebody to look at your deals, ask for advice about next steps and get day to day support, all for one low fee!

Nobody else in the UK offers this level of value when it comes to property training and support.

How Does It Work?

You get access to an online platform...
It's simple, you just login and access all the step by step content, diving in and out of lessons as you please!
Each lesson guides you step by step!
From business set-up and making sure your compliant to choosing a strategy we cover all the bases. 
How to find investors, how to speak to investors, how to pitch your business model to agents and others. We cover everything you need to know to help you build and scale your property business.
Contracts, PDF Downloads, Documents...
On Property BaseCamp you get sourcing contracts, lots of property related documents. You also get a rent to rent contract, tenancy agreements, lots of pdf downloads and strategy specific documents and templates. 
No Expensive Courses Needed! No Gurus!
The Founder of PSN Property Education, founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise and has first hand experience in many areas of property as an investor and former agent.
At PSN we do not sell courses or knowledge based on anything we have not done or had experience of ourselves.
Our offering is cost effective because you only pay us once but get support forever, and the benefit of an ever growing online resource too!
Got a question or need advice on something?
You can either send us an email... or just use Messenger to send Paul a message OR use your monthly Zoom call to get support where you need it.
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Deal Analyser - for crunching the numbers!
On BaseCamp you get multiple deal analysers ensuring you can crunch the numbers on different types of deals.
For example; buy to let's, HMO's, rent to rent deals and more...  
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"We don't believe in coercing people by staging those happy clapping property seminars and webinars, selling the financial freedom dream!


We would much rather give you the facts and then you choose if it's right for you!


So any questions you might have about property or education, I guarantee to give you a warts and all view - so you can make the right decision for you!"

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Property Training That Works For You...

​Join BaseCamp today and get Lifetime Access!

  • Payment Options are available to suit all budgets!

  • Learn at your own pace - login and learn 24/7

  • No Up-Selling - you only pay us once

  • Unrivalled Value for Money!

  • No Expensive Courses Needed!

  • No Property Gurus Needed!


Social Testimonials About Our Training

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One to One Support That Lasts Forever!