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*OFFER ends the last day of June*


Do you want to be next to change your life?


This online course - gives you the ACTUAL blueprint to start and scale your own property sourcing and deal packaging business.


Do you want to earn an extra £3,000 to £5,000 a month, just as a starting point???


Property sourcing is a lucrative way you can generate income and offer other services and diversify into other areas.


As an example one of our students has just completed a project with an investor and banked almost £40,000 as part of a joint venture helping his investor turn a 1 bed flat into a 2 bed flat. Simple strategy but very lucrative when you know how!


I retired in my forties and this course and the strategies within it, are EXACTLY how I got started and ended up changing my life.


I have 20+ years-experience as the founder and property director, of a successful, national property business with over 50+ offices.


Now you can take a short-cut and save time by using my own personal processes.


You can login and learn all at your own pace online - and the best thing is, there's no rush at all, because we give you lifetime access to the online training.


PLUS UNLIKE PROPERTY GURUS - WE GIVE YOU:   the step by step training, the sourcing contracts you need, plenty of editable letter templates, the deal calculators, the business processes so you know EXACTLY what to do!


Plus a whole load more bonuses and extras thrown in too for good measure.


Property sourcing and trading deals, can give you life changing income!


How many deals could you do each month/year?


What would that mean to you financially?


We show you every single aspect within this online course:


  • How to set up your business compliantly and legally
  • How to find property investors that will work with you
  • How to analyse an area for investment potential
  • How to talk to investors and network
  • How to analyse potential property deals
  • How to structure deals
  • How to use the sourcing contracts and protect yourself!
  • How to work with others to earn even more money!
  • How to work with JV partners and explode your income (like Alex our student, who just quit his day job after earning £37K profit from one project!)


Bonus: We will also update the content on the course ongoing for FREE.


Get started today and learn how to generate thousands EXTRA in income per month!


**When you purchase this online course we will send you a welcome email with all the details you need to access the course platform online.

Property Sourcing & Deal Packaging Course

£999.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price
  • When you purchase you will receive our 'Welcome Email' with instructions on how to access our course platform.

    Please allow a few minutes for the email to arrive.

    Contact us: 


"Great content without any of the bu**s**t!
Really easy to understand and digest modules and zero upsell. money well spent on these courses."


"Paul offers incredible value in these courses. Not only that, having spoken to him he holds high ethical values which is hard to find in the property training space."


"I have £10,000 in fees banked and another £3,000 on the way. Can't recommend this course highly enough!".

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Complete an application form today and we will be in touch if we think you are suitable for our lifetime mentoring program.

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