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Social Media Content Calendar for Property Sourcing Business Owners

We created this free content calendar for people with a property sourcing business. We hope you enjoy it and put it to good use.

21 ideas for content creation in your business.

Content Calendar: Property Sourcing Business (UK)

Platform: Facebook & Instagram

Posting Frequency: 3-4 times per week

Content Ideas:

  1. Motivational Monday (Image Quote): Share an image with an inspirational quote about the benefits of property investment and the power of owning property.

  2. Client Testimonial (Video): Create a video featuring a satisfied client sharing their experience with your property sourcing services. Highlight their journey and the success they've achieved.

  3. Property Transformation (Before & After Photos): Showcase the transformation of a property from its initial state to the renovated version. Include captivating before-and-after photos.

  4. Market Insights (Infographic): Craft an infographic (using Canva) detailing the latest real estate market trends, such as price fluctuations, demand patterns, and regional insights.

  5. Team Introduction (Carousel): Introduce your team members (or just you!) through a carousel of images along with brief bios, highlighting their roles and expertise.

  6. Neighbourhood Spotlight (Video Tour): Take your audience on a virtual tour of a desirable neighbourhood, highlighting its amenities, local attractions, and potential for investment.

  7. Educational Post (Text & Image): Share a post explaining a common term in property investment, such as "capital appreciation," using easy-to-understand language.

  8. Property Feature (Carousel): Create a carousel post showcasing different features of a property you've sourced, such as spacious rooms, modern kitchens, or scenic views.

  9. Throwback Thursday (Story): Share a story of a property that underwent a significant transformation, complete with behind-the-scenes photos and narratives.

  10. Investment Tips (Video): Post a short video offering investment tips for beginners, focusing on key factors to consider before making a property investment.

  11. Local Market Update (Livestream): Host a live session discussing the current state of the local property market and answering questions from your audience in real-time.

  12. Client Success Story (Carousel): Highlight a case study of a client who turned a property investment into a successful venture, complete with financial data and timelines.

  13. DIY Renovation Ideas (Image Gallery): Curate a gallery of do-it-yourself renovation ideas and tips, showcasing small changes that can enhance property value.

  14. Meet the Experts (Video Series): Start a video series where you interview industry experts, such as estate agents, financial advisors, and solicitors etc.

  15. Weekly Property Preview (Story): Use Instagram Stories to preview a property you'll be showcasing in the coming week, building anticipation among your followers.

  16. Investment Mistakes to Avoid (Text & Image): Share a list of common investment mistakes to help your audience make informed decisions.

  17. Virtual Property Tour (360-Degree Video): Create an immersive 360-degree video tour of a property, allowing viewers to explore the space from the comfort of their screens.

  18. Ask the Expert (Q&A Session): Host a Q&A session where your audience can ask you questions about property sourcing, investment strategies, or market trends.

  19. Video Testimonial (Client Interview): Conduct a video interview with a client who shares their success story in depth, discussing the challenges they overcame.

  20. Property Viewing & Analysis (Video): Attend a property viewing, film the process, and then analyse the property's potential as an investment. Crunch the numbers on camera to show viewers how you assess viability.

  21. Whiteboard Videos: Use a whiteboard to explain certain property strategies or to analyse potential deals. This shows your knowledgeable and also shares really engaging content with your target audience.

Remember to mix up the content types to keep your feed engaging and varied. Adapt the ideas based on your target audience's preferences and the specific properties you're working with.

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