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The Problem with Property Strategies

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The problem with property strategies is...

People assume they are super easy and not only that... People are told that its a fast path to cash.

The UK is awash with plenty of so called 'property gurus' who sell the dream based on the above.

Do this property strategy and you'll be financially free in a week!

Newsflash.... that's just not how it is!

These so-called guru types give a very false representation of property strategies like sourcing and rent to rent to name but a few.

These gurus/trainers at their happy clappy events, make people believe that - all they need is... a property course and they are on the road to riches.

You fall for their story, then they explain how you can do the same and it's all very easy!

BUT... and here's the thing...

Most people hit a huge brick wall (excuse the pun) but they become stuck, they don't know what to do next and...

That's when the wheels fall off and they give up and go try the next get rich quick idea they can find.

So who is really to blame here?

I'm not going to shock you when I say - it's these damn property gurus who sell courses!

It boils my blood that they mislead and mis-represent what is an opportunity, all in the name of selling courses and filling their pockets with thousands of your pounds.

My own experience in property was... a bit different!

It took me a long time (several months) to do my first deal as a property sourcer.

I wanted to give up so many times, I felt like I was doing it wrong, I doubted myself so many times.

I felt lost and unsure about things and almost lost interest in the whole thing!

But I just had this belief that surely if I just kept doing the right things, I would get there eventually.

You see the reality turned out that - I could make money doing this, but it was definitely harder and required more skills than I was initially led to believe.

I am so glad I stuck with it and got through those rocky moments as today I have my goals realised and I'm living my version of my 'dream life' all thanks to property and business.

So please don't fall for the nonsense, the daft claims of becoming rich quickly and take these gurus with a huge dose of salt.

If something sounds so amazingly easy and like some secret way of making money - hand over fist, it's probably absolute nonsense!

Don't be the sheep in the crowd at their events, that drinks it all up and claps and nods and runs to the back of the room to buy that overpriced course for £2,997!

So what can you do to avoid all this and what are your options (apart from being scammed out of thousands?)

We are the only property training provider to give people a mentor forever. YES FOREVER!

Till next time,


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