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Why Property Courses Have Really High Fail Rates - The Truth!

Ask anybody that has done a property course this question and you WILL get the same response. I guarantee it.

Question: Is getting into property easy?

Answer: No there is much more to it than I ever thought. They made it sound really easy before I signed up for the course. It sounded like I could make quick money and it be relatively simple but that’s not the case.

So why should you consider property as your new source of income and who is it right for?

I speak from experience, and lots of it…

When I started out property sourcing, I went through the same thoughts, I assumed it would be easy…. I assumed it would just take off - If I just kept pushing!

I had spent money and taken risks and so I had to make it work – but when it was tough I did'nt give up, I tweaked my own processes, I tried a different approach. After all the definition of madness is to keep doing the same things and expect a different result. If something is not working, change it!

Anyway, I eventually managed to find my feet and generate myself a small list of investors ready to buy and just as important - I also learned the skills I needed, to source opportunities to feed my

investors the deals they wanted!

It wasn’t luck, I really struggled, but I made changes to my processes and I learned from my mistakes.

After trading hundreds of property deals, my own property journey then exploded into something much much bigger…

I then helped hundreds of others replicate that by co-founding the UK’s first ever national property sourcing network and we launched a franchise.

We went from a standing start to over 50+ offices around the UK in just over 18 months. This was no easy feat and it was not without it's bumps in the road.

After selling my shares in the company a few years back, I have all but retired abroad.

But let’s rewind a little…

I actually started in property from zero (I had a day job and no experience in property really) and I managed to make it work for me. But the key is, I did not expect it to be easy or a quick route to income.

I had real struggles along the way, I banged my head against the wall. There were even days I doubted property was for me at all. But I am so glad I stuck at it!

I went from an employee to a business owner to a multiple business owner to retired in the space of 5 years. I have to say though that’s not typical! It’s definitely not the norm for people BUT having said that, it definitely shows you what is possible, if you focus on the right tasks and commit to taking action in your business.

Why Some Succeed and MOST FAIL - The Truth!

Imagine tomorrow you were going to suddenly dedicate yourself to a new career, completely different from your current job. You cannot just 'do a course', learn some new things and be a success overnight.

It’s just not realistic. It just doesn't work like that.

If I suddenly decided tomorrow, that I wanted to become an engineer – (I know nothing about engineering!) it would take me a long time to do all the following:

1. Learn the skills necessary to do the job

2. Be efficient at implementing the knowledge I had learned

3. Become confident in what I am doing (this is huge!)

4. Then Focus on generating more income by making changes

Sounds about right doesn’t it?

It makes perfect sense, that it would take anybody time to get to a certain standard.

AND the other thing is, everybody is different! Everybody learns at a different pace, some people are more confident, some people struggle more. That’s the bottom line.

You know what’s coming… You know where I’m heading with this... Learning property strategies is no different! Shock!

It's sad but people do get swept along with the hype at these property events and free seminars and webinars and get sold the dream. It’s a pitch after all, these events are to sell to you, not to teach you. Don't be fooled.

No matter how easy they make it sound, they want you to think - it seems doable, anybody can do it, so why can’t you? Then you spend £3,000+ on their training. It's a pitch remember!

Let me share with you something that no other property educator will… Fail Rates!!!

I have people on my courses that have quit their jobs, changed their lives, increased their income, and become their own boss. That’s honestly truly amazing and I am happy to have played a small part in helping them do that.

But, I also have the flip side of this…

People who have bought a course and not even logged in! Yes that happens.

I have people that have lost interest after a few weeks / months. Very common.

I have people who have given up without really getting started because the reality did not meet their expectations. (of it being easy and quick)

So let me talk about expectations for a second, because that is very important.