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Your Questions on Property: Part 1

There is so much nonsense surrounding property training, courses and seminars that I thought a great idea would be to answer the most common questions people have sent us about property, about certain creative strategies and share the answers and most importantly the truth.

So no B.S. no smoke and mirrors just the absolute truth.

Question 1: Should I believe the YouTube property gurus when they make BIG claims like 'You can become financially free in X amount of time!'?

OK this nonsense really boils my blood. It is designed purely to sell a 'dream' to unsuspecting newbies to property. They insinuate that...


It must be true if they show you how to do it on a video though surely?

They are very cleverly put together and there are elements of truth to what you will see. However, there is one thing very wrong with these types of videos...

They make certain strategies such as 'rent to rent' look really easy.

Let me share the truth with you... all property strategies, that I have come across, are far from simple and easy. They are great tools and CAN lead to a very healthy income, but they are not easy to master.

Question 2: Why do people do lots of different property courses?

I have been in property a long time and seen many people buy multiple property courses and masterminds etc. The reason they do this is most likely something like this...

They do a course on one strategy and they understand how it can make them money, they then start to implement that knowledge and take action and the below happens:

  • They struggle with one or more parts of the strategy and hit a roadblock

  • They quickly lose interest because they thought it was easier

  • They fail to understand how to get started and what to do 'day to day'

So when any or all the above happens, they resort to buying a different course or paying silly sums of money to have a mentor.

I have come across people who have spent over 100K on training and they have done zero actually within property! These people are unfortunately the victims of clever marketing and they get caught up chasing the many shiny pennies that exist.

So what can you do?

We put together a bunch of free training so you can get lots of bonuses and freebies and find out more about if property really is for you without spending a single penny.

....and as a thank you for using our free property training I will give you an opportunity to get mentored one to one without the usual sky-high costs!

If that sounds good... click below to get access.

Question 3: Can you really become financially free from using property strategies?

Lets take property sourcing as an example for this one.

On average as a 'sourcer' you can earn £3,000 to £5,000 per property that you source and then package and sell on to an investor.

So £3,000 is just one deal. So how many would you have to do or sell, to pay all of your monthly outgoings and have a nice healthy amount left over at the end of each month?

Work out your Financial Freedom Number:

  1. Add up all your monthly bills including your rent/mortgage payment

  2. Add up your total amount you pay towards any debt (if you have any)

  3. Allow some money for fun things: days/nights out, holidays etc

Once you have your total monthly outgoings figure you know what you need to keep your bills paid and have a place to live.

Next up is those debt payments, credit cards, store cards, loans etc. You need to pay these every month to maintain a healthy credit score or to repair a low credit score.

The above payments are your absolute priority and must be paid to sustain your life financially.

But obviously people want more than just being able to survive! So how much would you like surplus each month for fun things?

Days out, treating the kids/family, nights out with friends, social activities, holidays etc... all these things make life worth living and