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Assisted Sales is great strategy to have in your pocket and this is why...


If you can find houses that are empty or they have been on the market for some time and in need of a full refurb - An Assisted Sale may be the solution!


This ultimately means you can earn lump sums of money, using an assisted sale method.


What Can You Earn?


You could expect to earn £10,000 to £50,000 per assisted sale property deal you complete. This strategy is going to be huge again in the current market and teh next 18 months coud see a lot of opportunity for doing these types of deals!


Let us give you a brief explanation on what an assisted sale is and how it benefits you: 


You find a property in need of refurbishment and crunch the numbers using our deal analyser.


You agree with the vendor to help them sell the property, by way of completing a much needed refurbishment. (either you or a joint venture partner will cover the cost of the refurb)


You agree a sale price with the vendor they are happy with.


Once the refurb is complete, you then put the property back on the market for the higher price (due to the refurb) and you sell the property via an agent in the traditional way (for a higher price).


The bonus is - anything over the price, that you agreed with the vendor is yours!


Think of it this way


It's the same as a traditional flip, where you buy a run-down property, do it up and sell it on for a profit.


The only difference is... you don't actually buy the property with an assisted sale.


So there is much less risk and no need for huge amounts of capital, no stamp duty to pay, no 6 month rule on buying then selling, no legal costs or conveyancing.


In this course we show you the step by step of the Assisted Sale strategy and give you all this:


- Full Step by Step Processes

- Assisted Sale Deal Analyser

- How to find the right properties

- How to manage trades and the refurb process

- Assisted Sale Solicitor Contacts (England Only) 

- How to Joint Venture on these projects


With us you don't have to pay thousands for property education. We give you more for less cost!


Start your journey today and get lifetime access to all course materials. 


Please Note: 

*Assisted Sales require a bespoke contract that has to be drawn up by a solicitor, we provide details of a solicitor based in England. If you are based outside of England you may require a local solicitor to assist you.


In Scotland an assisted sale is possible as you are not buying the property you are 'assisting the sale' before it actually goes on the market for sale. The agreement between you and the vendor is what matters.

Assisted Sales Course

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"Great content without any of the bu**s**t!
Really easy to understand and digest modules and zero upsell. money well spent on these courses."


"Paul offers incredible value in these courses. Not only that, having spoken to him he holds high ethical values which is hard to find in the property training space."


"I have £10,000 in fees banked and another £3,000 on the way. Can't recommend this course highly enough!".

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