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Start your deal sourcing business today...

Discover the step by step process, from business set-up, to sourcing and trading property deals. Build your deal packaging business without the need for expensive courses costing thousands.

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Want Support Forever?

Do you have big goals and are you ready to go after them?

Do you have an interest or passion for property and you want a way to use that to create an income?


Are you tired of your current job that leaves you feeling stressed, unfulfilled and living pay-day to pay-day?


Do you simply want to start a side-hustle that could replace your current income and give you more freedom?

Take charge of your situation and start your property based side-hustle today. No experience is necessary!

Our step-by-step online course will give you all you need, to start and grow a lucrative property business that could help change your life.

Oh and the best thing is... unlike most property training...
This training is affordable and accessible to all!


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In 2017, I co-founded the UK's first ever property sourcing franchise. We grew this from zero to over 50 offices around the UK. With the huge success of the franchise, we decided to launch our own property backed peer to peer investment platform. This has gone on to fund millions of pounds worth of property projects and we also carried out many of our own projects including large new build projects and developments around the UK.

In 2019, I felt I wanted a new challenge. The business I co-founded no longer sparked a fire inside me, I was back stuck in an office again, tied to my desk and concentrating on growing and scaling another business I created. So after a break-away with my family I decided it was time to plough a different path... I wanted to help others do what I had done. I went from my day job (not in property) to creating multiple successful property businesses and I picked up a lot of experience a long the way - so I knew I had a lot to offer people new to property!

I discovered from networking at hundreds of events that so many newbies were being misled and mis-sold property training! So called 'property guru types' were staging property seminars and webinars using all sorts of unethical tactics to sell there 10k courses! It really annoyed me to see good honest people get duped and and plunged into debt. 

Property is a fantastic sector but there is so much nonsense and smoke and mirrors with these so called property gurus... I thought - what about if I created something that was the complete opposite? That was the seed that later turned into PSN Property Education.

Somebody had to bring something else to the table. I'm proud to say I have saved people many thousands of pounds and helped them get started and scale their own businesses without the need for some B.S. property course costing thousands. That ranks as one of the most satisfying things I've achieved in my career so far.  

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If you don't want to let another year slip by and you want to make some changes in your life -

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You have to commit to making changes. So many people moan and complain about their lives. But they are the ones that do nothing to help themselves change it!

The definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. This is a famous quote from Albert Einstein and it's so true. You cannot expect things to change if you don't change and start making different decisions.

The average fee for sourcing and selling a property deal is between £3,000 and £5,000. How many would you need to sell in 12 months to replace your income?

My first deal netted me £17,000 and since then I have not looked back. My life changed massively. Was it easy? No! Was it worth the hard-work and effort? What do you think?


What's inside the Property Deal Sourcing Masterplan? Glad You Asked...

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  • All Sourcing Contracts Included

  • Lots of Other Property Documents

  • Deal Calculator (multiple strategies)

  • Direct to Vendor Letter Templates

  • Business Goals & Student Journal (PDF)​​​​

  • Bonus Content: Mindset

  • Bonus Content: B.R.R.R Strategy

  • Bonus Content: Lease Options

  • Joint Venture Module 

  • Free Updates Forever / Access Anytime!​​​​

Here's a few of our testimonials

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What makes our training different to other property training courses?


You'll get lifetime access to the course material. So if you ever need to go back, look over content, refresh your mind... you can do that forever!

Plus a big bonus with us - we give you FREE course updates forever! So that means we are continually updating the course materials over time and you get access to all the new content for free. 


You get access to the PSN Members Only Facebook community. A safe place to ask questions and get access to bonus content too. Access to this group is for life also!


On our *Property BaseCamp package you get daily support, so you can ask questions directly to Paul. You also get a monthly one to one support/coaching Zoom call to help you with any area of your business. This is only available on - Property BaseCamp

Property BaseCamp is the only training in the UK to offer lifetime access, one to one support, daily support and mentorship. No other training company will offer anything like this. Access is limited but more information can be found here!

*Property BaseCamp is a separate programme. Support is not included in the Property Deal Sourcing Masterplan Course.

One Low Cost = A Lifetime of Learning & Value!
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